Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V.

Fujifilm is a global company with many production locations all around the world. With 900 employees Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B. V., located in Tilburg (The Netherlands), is one of the largest production sites outside Japan. Fujifilm Tilburg produces color paper and offset plates and accommodates a large R&D facility (Tilburg Research Laboratory, TRL) with 110 employees.
Fujifilm’s corporate philosophy is to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide by using leading-edge technologies to provide top quality products and services that contribute to the enhancement of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improved health and environmental protection in society.
In 2006, Fujifilm Tilburg intensified its research for new products. Based on its core competences and the corporate philosophy, TRL started R&D activities in the field of membranes for sustainable energy and environment. Indeed, our long standing knowledge in coating thin functional layers onto substrates allowed us to develop separation membranes for various industries. The first achievements of Fujifilm membrane technology are in the field of water purification. Thanks to the development of a new patented technology for the online production of membranes, Fujifilm has forced a breakthrough for lowering the cost price. In the water business, ion exchange membranes are increasingly competing on price and performance. With these membranes we aim to meet the stringent purification demands in water desalination and sustainable power generation
The R&D centre in Tilburg has an excellent analytical laboratory and qualified technicians. This laboratory supports customer and application activities relating to our ion exchange membranes. The laboratory provides fast and secure root cause analysis. For the specific evaluation of membrane properties and membrane performance, an extensive set of validated test methods is available, such as: perm selectivity, electrical resistance, osmotic water transport, chronopotentiometry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and ion exchange capacity. Desalination performances are screened with small ED and large ED desalination systems. Besides, TRL have in house many other characterization techniques available such as: ion chromatography, GPC, GC/LC-MS, SEM-EDX, ESCA, interferometry, FT-IR and UV-vis spectroscopies, FT-IR microscopy, ICP-OES, tensile strength tester, (UV)-DSC, TGA, and (UV)-rheometer, among others.