WP 3

WP3 is aiming at the development of the key-components, especially the membranes and stacks


The main objective of this Work Package is to develop the key-components of a kWh-MWh scale BAoBaB with closed reservoirs containing osmotic solutions and a kW-MW scale conversion technology.
The specific objectives of the Work Package are to select, develop and optimize technological key-components:
(i) monopolar membranes,
(ii) bipolar membranes,
(iii) stacks (including electrodes),
pumps and reservoirs


WP3 is divided in 4 main tasks:

Task 3.1 Highly selective monopolar membranes
Task 3.2 Bipolar membranes
Task 3.3 Optimized stack design
Task 3.4 Pumps and storage